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Click link for some suggested talking points in your emails/letters. 

Suggested Talking Points:

Contact your city, county and state officials NOW! (many of whom are members of the Hwy 252/I94 project’s Policy Advisory Committee – PAC)

Brooklyn Center:

Brooklyn Park: htts://

To find your district (East, Central or West)

*One West District seat is open: 3 candidates for this seat:

Minneapolis: this link to find the council member that represents you if you live in Minneapolis)

MN State Legislature:

To find the MN State Representative and MN State Senator that represents you:

State Representatives: 

State Senators: 

Hennepin County:

Metropolitan Council:  

Help the Highway 252 Safety Task Force by volunteering!

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We need volunteers!!!

Let us know if you have:

Special skills: social media skills, willingness to hand out fliers, community connections with local groups such as churches, mosques, schools, businesses, health clinics, environmental groups, or local neighborhoods groups