About The Safety Task Force Members

We are a group of concerned Brooklyn Center residents that formed a task force committee to address safety issues we felt were not being recognized by the MnDot Hwy 252/I 94 project. We have done extensive research, community outreach and had meetings with the MnDot team, City, County, State and Federal elected officials, and many involved organizations and communities. We have been working diligently for many years and are concerned that the communities that will be affected by the 252/I94 project (Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center and North Minneapolis) are not being listened to, cared for or protected. With the previous proposals we found many grave concerns for safety requirements not being followed, increased risk human fatalities, the negative impact on the health of people and the environment and the disregard for the communities.

The Highway 252 Safety Task Force informs the City Council and educates the public about safer, healthier and more equitable MnDOT alternatives to the Hwy 252I94 project that promote community livability, connectivity and cohesion.

The Highway 252 Safety Task Force has achieved MUCH to turn this project around so that it is on track to improve our communities. We mobilized community opposition to a 6-lane freeway expansion during the Environmental Assessment phase, causing the Federal Highway Transportation Agency to step in and declare the Environmental Assessment a failure. During the current Environmental Impact Phase we exposed the MnDOT bias in favor of a 6-lane freeway, and suggested procedures that force MnDOT to consider equity, health and environmental factors for project alternatives.

I’ve had the pleasure of living in Brooklyn Center for over 25 years and been pleased with its multiple parks, access to the river, friendly diverse community and convenient location. I have been concerned however, with how its welfare is often an afterthought in how state and county governments address its legitimate concerns. A little about who I am. When I was just a child, I was one of the hundreds of thousands of people at Martin Luther Kings’ I have a dream’s speech” in Washington DC. I ...(click on my name to read more)

I grew up in Southeast Minneapolis just a few blocks from the Mississippi River and later moved to Northeast Minneapolis where my formal involvement with neighborhoods began when elected to the St. Anthony West Neighborhood Board. In 1985, my wife, Patty and our two young children moved from Minneapolis to our current home on Willow Lane. This was before Highway 252 was built. After moving to Brooklyn Center, I participated on the Brooklyn Center NE Advisory Board and later assisted the City ...(click on my name to read more)

I grew up in the area and have been a Brooklyn Center resident for over 21 years. Brooklyn Center has been a great place to raise our kids. We've enjoy the mighty Mississippi so much! I am an engineer for a medical device company that makes devices that save people's lives. I use data and statistics to make life saving decisions. With 66th being the second most dangerous intersection, I as an engineer would find the root cause and put a robust solution in place. ...(click on my name to read more)

Hello! I've lived in Brooklyn Center since 2000. Brendan and I raised both of our kids here and have really loved this area. We were personally devastated by the unsafe conditions of 252 when our son, Jason was killed at the intersection of 73rd and Hwy 252 in 2014. He was turning left into the neighborhood and was struck from behind by a drunk driver. He sustained a fatal brain injury. Jason was only 16, he was full of sunshine and joy and we miss him everyday. We became further involved in the ...(click on my name to read more)

I was drawn to the community of Brooklyn Center because of its diverse community, beautiful spaces and the close proximity to Minneapolis. As a long term resident of Brooklyn Center, I have been concerned about the impact of policy and decision making processes affecting such a unique community. The proposals regarding changes to 252 have been very concerning since the time we were made aware of possible plans. There has been little true community involvement, most of the initial meetings ...(click on my name to read more)

I moved to the Riverwood Neighborhood in Brooklyn Center in 1998. I bought an odd little 1,100 square foot house on a large waterfront lot. With 140 feet of frontage on the Mississippi River and 1.5 acres it seemed like a little piece of heaven just 5 miles from downtown Minneapolis. Years later, I have two Brooklyn Center based businesses and a much better house! I am blessed to live so close to downtown Minneapolis and still have the opportunity to see Bald Eagles in my backyard every day. ...(click on my name to read more)