Tara McCarthy

Hello! I've lived in Brooklyn Center since 2000. Brendan and I raised both of our kids here and have really loved this area. We were personally devastated by the unsafe conditions of 252 when our son, Jason was killed at the intersection of 73rd and Hwy 252 in 2014. He was turning left into the neighborhood and was struck from behind by a drunk driver. He sustained a fatal brain injury. Jason was only 16, he was full of sunshine and joy and we miss him everyday. We became further involved in the 252/I94 project a few years later when we learned of the plans to put an interchange 110 feet from the River, with a deadly, unsafe design.

We, along with some neighbors, decided we needed to become more organized. I have worked in Occupational Therapy for 25 years, working with people who have sustained spinal cord and brain injuries from accidents such as the one Jason was in. I live and work with the pain that can come from unsafe roadways.

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